September 3, 2021

Americans Want to Work from Home – Are Employers Ready?

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / article

Surveys show most employees want hybrid or remote work but keeping teams and customers safe and engaged remains a primary concern.

According to Pew Research, only about 20% of Americans worked from home before the COVID-19 crisis. During the crisis, that number shot up to 71%, but more than half—54%–want to work from home when the dust settles.

While technology has made hybrid or remote work possible, it does have drawbacks. That same research indicated nearly a quarter of workers are now less satisfied with their jobs, 24% say they are working more hours, and 33% say they feel less connected to their coworkers.

The dissatisfaction means employers must be especially careful when selecting technical solutions to enable remote or hybrid work. Not only does the move change cybersecurity risks, but also adds an element of customer-facing risks, in addition to potential employee engagement hazards.

To help accountants mitigate these risks, the Center for Accounting Transformation will present Enabling Hybrid Work: How to Ensure a Holistic Approach to Customer, Employee, and Cybersecurity Risks, a one-hour webinar, on  September 17.

Accounting and technology expert Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA, will lead the event and said accountants will learn what questions to ask the IT team, what they can do to reduce data breach risks, as well as how to help their organizations evaluate and prioritize addressing these risks.

The founder and managing director of IntrapriseTechKnowlogies, Shimamoto also serves as a business transformation advisor and outsourced IT partner for firms, finance departments, and internal audit departments. He’s been recognized by CPA Practice Advisor, Accounting Today and CPA Technology Advisor.

The Center for Accounting Transformation provides professionals with a framework for utilizing innovations that are ready for adoption, the training and resources necessary to apply the innovations, and an opportunity to engage the talent and community needed to further the pursuit of innovative accounting practices that drive responsible and mindful business performance.

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