Innovation Awareness (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Innovations in audit are constantly evolving in the areas of automation technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, and data visualization. This course provides an overview into the current and upcoming capabilities in each of these areas. This course was designed for auditors and people supporting the audit process to enable them to identify opportunities to leverage these technologies and techniques … Read More

How Automation and AI are Enhancing Management Accountants (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Headlines abound saying that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) is going to eliminate the need for accountants. In reality, RPA and AI provide a great opportunity for accountants to automate more routine procedures and focus on delivering more value-added insights to help improve an organization’s performance or risk mitigation.  Conversely, the use of AI within organizations can … Read More

How ESG Reports Can Help with Recruitment & Retention (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’re facing a shortage of accountants and the “great resignation” is putting the employee in a position of power in deciding whether to stay with a current employer or jump to another employer. When recruiting and retaining employees, how do organizations differentiate themselves as an employer of choice? The answer: ESG reports. No, we’re not talking about the big attestations … Read More

How Accountants Are Managing Hybrid Work: What Research Tells Us (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’ll be sharing the results of the 2021 hybrid work policy and cybersecurity risk research survey conducted by the Center for Accounting Transformation. Learn how corporate culture impacts hybrid work policies and how those policies impact an organization’s cybersecurity risk. Also, get insights into what organizations are doing and learn how your organization stacks up against the rest. With hybrid … Read More

How Accountants’ Ethics are Impacted by the ABCD of the Digital Age (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Emerging technology trends like Automation (including artificial intelligence), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data governance (ABCD) are driving digital transformation and organizations’ move into the digital age. Yet we can’t let technology drive us forward without asking the question of “is it Ethical?” to use technology or data in a particular way. As organizations go through digital transformation, it’s important for accountants … Read More

Exploring the A-B-C-D of the Digital Age and their Impact on Accounting (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

This session will start with a quick look at how Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data governance are impacting the accounting ecosystem supporting transaction recordation and financial reporting. Then we’ll dive deeper into how to identify opportunities for automation, whether with traditional programming, robotic process automation (RPA), or machine learning. We’ll close out with a look at how the role … Read More

Taking Control of Your Mental Health Before Burnout – On Demand

Randy Crabtree

Stress is synonymous with the accounting profession, and anxiety is a common mental health issue experienced by many. Coupled together, excessive stress and anxiety in the workplace can cause a drop in performance, missed workdays, poor productivity, disengagement, and physical and mental health issues. It’s an uncontrollable spiral. Stop the cycle, take back control of your mental health, and return to … Read More

Business and Boundaries for Better Time Prioritization and Work-Life Balance

Kiera Speed

Evaluate factors leading to burnout in public accounting and what leaders can do to mitigate burnout and turnover Describe business opportunities to simplify, plan ahead, and reduce latent cognitive load Describe how small changes and mindset can make a big impact for staff members and managers Identify ways to prioritize employee work-life balance Demonstrate healthy boundaries with clear and open communication

Live More, Stress Less: How to Stay Self-aware and Beat Burnout

Donny Shimamoto

Accounting professionals, more than anyone, know that sometimes it can be difficult to switch off from work – even on your days off. Although you feel you are able to maintain the fast pace of work – without taking time to identify what drains you our lights you up – you may eventually become less productive if burnout sets in. … Read More

The Value of Personal Resilience: What Business Professionals Need to Know

Randy Crabtree

Are you at risk for burnout? Becoming too focused on meeting deadlines and ignoring your physical and mental health can have an adverse affect on many business professionals who work more than 40 hours a week. Finding a balance and giving time for self-care is important.