June 28, 2021

“Relentless CPA” Offers Secrets to Achieving Tax Season Success Using LSS

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / news-and-updates

Author of book on success for tax and accounting firms offers tips for using Lean Six Sigma principles to the most efficient workplace processes.

In his 2018 book, “The Relentless CPA,” Frank Stitely, CPA, CVA, managing partner of Stitely & Karstetter in Virginia and CEO of Clarity Practice Management, offered to his readers, “Read this book because you’re tired of 14-hour days during tax season. Read this book because you’re done having your work schedule determined by the client screaming the loudest…Read this book because you intend to be in business five years from now.”

Stitely will present his best tips during a two-hour workshop, “Winning Tax Season with Better Workflow & Capacity Management,” with the Center for Accounting Transformation.

According to CPATrendlines, Stitely’s tips—for firms of all sizes—help accountants “make more money with less effort” and “transform your firm into a profit machine.”

During the course, participants can determine their most efficient workflow processes, identify which should be changed, discuss the best way to assign staff, and get hands-on lessons, including utilizing the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles. While LSS can be traced back to multiple sources, the credit for the term “Six Sigma” goes to a Motorola engineer named Bill Smith in the 1980s. Today, LSS refers to a process improvement methodology that relies on a collaborative team to improve performance by removing waste.

In addition to learning to apply LSS to optimize workflow profitability, participants will also learn to determine the number of returns that they can complete with their current staff so they know when to stop accepting clients and to determine the number of returns and associated number of staff needed to achieve a firm’s growth targets or profitability goals.

The Center for Accounting Transformation provides professionals with a framework for utilizing innovations that are ready for adoption, the training and resources necessary to apply the innovations, and an opportunity to engage the talent and community needed to further the pursuit of innovative accounting practices that drive responsible and mindful business performance.

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