Brian Kush PCC, CPA

Leadership Coach

Brian Kush is an executive leadership coach who supports and challenges accountants to become more intentional in their life, so they can be a better leader and a better human being.


In 2005, tasked with more sales responsibility at the consulting firm where he worked, Brian Kush hired a sales coach to help him reach some goals. He discovered that coaching allowed you to claim an environment where you escape the daily grind and take a long hard look at who you are and what you are doing.

Brian grew up professionally in a fast-paced world where “more work” was usually the answer. He realized more did not always mean better and especially not more meaningful. Slowing down to become better was not a habit, but once he realized the power of it, he was hooked.  And the coaching worked. Brian became more intentional in his life with all of his relationships, including with his wife, friends, and work colleagues.

And coaching felt so authentic to Brian. He realized the natural way he was excelling professionally were more in smaller group and one-on-one settings where he was able to empower others by being curious about their aspirations, their challenges, and their “meaning.”

In late 2007 Brian’s consulting firm was acquired by a much larger company and he decided to start his own coaching practice. A few months later, with very little work, Brian and his wife found out she was pregnant. He felt guilty and discouraged. He pressed on with help from a lot of people. He went back to school and received a certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown. Since then, he has grown his coaching practice and been fortunate enough to attract some very special opportunities, including Intend2Lead; created with Sarah Elliott where he has worked with hundreds of professionals through a one on one or group coaching relationship to help them overcome their leadership challenges.

Brian feels most alive when he is present and connecting with others in conversations discussing challenges, failures, success, and what is possible.


  • BS Commerce – Accounting, University of Virginia
  • Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)