How Accountants Are Managing Hybrid Work: What Research Tells Us (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’ll be sharing the results of the 2021 hybrid work policy and cybersecurity risk research survey conducted by the Center for Accounting Transformation. Learn how corporate culture impacts hybrid work policies and how those policies impact an organization’s cybersecurity risk. Also, get insights into what organizations are doing and learn how your organization stacks up against the rest. With hybrid … Read More

Engaging Your Hybrid Team: How to Ensure Employee Engagement and Equity When Working Remote (On Demand)

Karl Ahlrichs

Managing a hybrid team successfully and equitably requires adjustments to your management style. Leaders must ensure that in-office employees don’t receive favorable treatment or opportunities, and that employees working remotely don’t feel left out or disconnected from the team. Explore the leadership changes to implement now so you can encourage employee engagement and ensure equity in a hybrid environment. Plus, … Read More